Calligraphy that Creates Smiles

Calligraphic Design and Script using Markers and the Liquid Chrome Pen

with Linda Schneider
Session 3C, 2:30PM -4:30PM

I will be demonstrating how to design with flourishes and script while writing on glass, and writ- ing notes of encouragement with the brush markers on the go. Make your gifts special by per- sonalizing them with calligraphy. Give wine with a special inscription on the bottle, a personal- ized box of candies, or write on a vase with a bouquet of flowers. You can even write on the green leaves. Using one special pen, the Liquid Chrome, to lay down beautiful letters or words in liquid silver that shines with a mirror finish. You will need blank index cards 3”x5” or blank paper handy to work on during class. Also, please have your favorite markers, brush or chisel. One of my favorite things to do is writing peoples names out. It can touch their heart like nothing else can, especially when they see it done in person in front of them. It also lets you practice, so you don!t have to be perfect to start. We will practice with different formats and flourishes when writing names out and words of encouragement. What ever is your favorite script or hand, that may be what you will want to start with. It can be done with a pencil, ballpoint pen, pointed brush marker, or broad edge marker, something easy to carry in your purse or pocket. You can do calligraphy on the go. Leave your dipped pen and ink at home and do calligraphy outside your studio. Even though you are spending one minute doing something nice for someone else, it comes back as pure joy to you. Pro tip, if you write a business owners name out on the back of your business card, they are likely to keep YOUR card forever. I will be challenging you to do calligraphy on the go and at home. Create smiles, pass on Acts of Kindness, and help keep hand calligraphy alive.

Supply List: Your favorite markers to do lettering with in several colors, 3x5 blank index cards or blank paper. I will be demonstrating with the Pentel Touch Flexible Brush Marker SES15C.
Optional Supplies: Liquid Chrome Molotow Marker-extra fine tip size 1mm recommended, other sizes welcome. Nail Polish Remover and cotton balls Objects to write on-mirrors, bottles, glass objects

Linda Schneider