Carolingian Calligraphy

A lovely rhythmic hand

with Cora Pearl
Session 3A, 2:30 – 4:30 PM PDT


Carolingian is a script that was used in the Holy Roman Empire between approximately 800 and 1200 AD. The script developed from Roman Half Uncial. Carolingian has its own lovely rhythm and lends itself to writing in many different sizes. This class is appropriate for students who have some experience using the broad edge pen. Experience with writing Carolingian is not needed.

Supplies needed: Your favorite practice paper that is see through enough to see guidelines underneath it, such as Gilbert Bond paper, Canson Pro Layout Marker paper, Borden & Riley Bond paper, OR Bienfang Transluscent Marker paper; Either a Brause 3mm nib, Mitchell 1 nib, or Speedball C-2 nib; Nib holder; Your favorite practice ink (such as walnut ink or Higgins Eternal black ink); Pen for taking notes; Two paper clips; Carolingian guidelines prepared by Cora