Italic Refinement

Take your Italic to the next level

with Kristen Doty
Session 2B, 12 PM-2 PM PDT

 For intermediate to advanced

Practice makes better and better. There is no perfect! Improve your Italic and take it to the next level of refinement with practice and analyzing and adjusting your forms. Strengthening your Italic will also help pave the way for better and stronger variations. This is not a beginning Italic class, but for students who wish to improve their skills, and who have already learned and practiced the Italic hand. 

Supplies needed: Slant Board (or drawing board & books to prop up top end), T-square, Pencil: mechanical pencil 0.5mm HB, Eraser: soft white - Pentel Click Eraser is excellent, Speedball nibs: C-3 and C-4, Mitchell nibs: #2½ and #3 + reservoir(s), Nib holder(s), Nib loading brush (old synthetic brush for use with inks, etc.), Ink: Higgins Eternal or walnut ink, or your favorite sumi or other dark ink, Paper: Letter size (8½ x 11” is fine-- Your favorite for practice – layout bond, copier or other non-bleeding (***Test paper for bleeding with your ink before class***), Tape: Blue painter’s tape, OR drafting tape OR artist’s tape OR drafting dots, Scrap or sheet of paper as a handguard (~8.5” x 5” copy bond cut/folded in half), Pen Wipe rag or paper towels, Small water container, Apron, Handouts via pdf – printed and ready for reference. Optional: Fun Foam or foam sheet 12” x 18’’ – White (preferred color), or a few additional sheets of paper, Linex lettering guide, Large adjustable triangle, Lightbox, Nib rest, Handi-Tack mounting putty, M & M’s or chocolate nearby (-: