Pointed Brush Letters, Botanicals and Beyond

Letters, embellishments and flourishes

With Kathy Barker
Session 2C, 12PM to 2PM PDT

Beginning with a basic brush letter alphabet, we will explore the many possibilities of using the pointed brush.  Be amazed at how much can be done with just two Pentel color brushes; one for black letters and one for creating botanical embellishments and flowing flourishes.  A set of sample sheets will guide you through the alphabet as well as give you inspiration in creating botanical elements and flourishes. Applications for cards and quotes will also be explored.  

Supplies: Two Pentel Colorbrushes (Black- #101 -John Neal – PF57, one should still be unopened), layout pad – suggested: Borden & Riley or Canson Pro layout (9” X 12”), Mixed Media paper pad – suggested Canson XL , mechanical pencil, watercolor set and/or palette of your choice, black ink (Higgins eternal or black gouache), water container, rag or paper towels