Uncial Uprise

A lively Uncial variation

With Carol DuBosch
Session 2A, 12 PM to 2 PM PDT

This lively Uncial variation is easily learned and has the cursive qualities that give it such an energetic and contemporary look. This class will give you a renewed appreciation of this important historic script and a delightful new style of calligraphy to generate creativity and inspiration. Some experience with broad-edged pen calligraphy is needed.

SUPPLY LIST Pilot Parallel Pen 3.8 mm Layout Bond – choose a paper that gets along with the ink in your pen and will allow guidelines to be seen when layered behind the paper. Gilbert Bond is my favorite (available at John Neal Books)

Any day that I can open a bottle of ink, is a good day. It gets even better if I can create art, make a mark-making tool, or teach what I know to someone. Words are my muse and I love being able to use them as a lettering artist. When I hear the words, I ponder them, and savor them for a spell and then interact with them using art materials. It is absolutely the best job ever.  I have been a calligrapher in Portland, Oregon since I was first introduced to nibs and ink in 1959 as a high school art student. In the 58 years since, I have gained a degree in Graphic Design and have studied with every major calligrapher in the US and Europe. I have been teaching college level and private classes in the Northwest along with workshops throughout the United States and most recently in Italy. I have directed three International Calligraphy Conferences in Portland, bringing 500 scribes together for a week of studying and sharing.  I am interested in every aspect of the field of calligraphy, from the formal invitation to writing on walls. I enjoy seeking out ways to stretch the boundaries of my art. As a life-long learner, I am always looking forward to the next new thing. —Carol DuBosch