Windows into the Garden

Free form florals with the edged brush

with Connie Furgason
Session 3A, 2:30 – 4:30 PM PDT

In this class we will create a simple fold book filled with blooms in which we will create windows which allow views of different designs. I will demonstrate how to paint a variety of flowers with the edged brush from which students can then create pages for the book. These florals are very free form and suitable for ALL LEVELS.

• ½” and ¾” flat watercolour brush  
• Round brush size #2 or #4 for some detail work  
• Watercolours tube or pan  
• Titanium white gouache (optional)  
• Arches Text Wove paper 2 pieces 12”x12”  
• HB and 2H or 4H pencil

Connie Furgason